Different Types of Hoses


Within different industries, there are plenty of different types of hoses, all used for various purposes. There isn’t really such thing as “the best hose”, only a hose that can do its job and do it right. We here at Bryan Hose have possibly every hose you could require to get your job done the most efficient way possible. In this article I am going to cover with you the more popular hoses that work like a charm for the purpose you’re looking for.

Hydraulic Hoses


For starters, Hydraulics are devices you see almost every day. They are used in things like backhoes, bulldozers, suspensions in cars, car garages, you name it. Hydraulics function by moving liquids, most likely oils, through tubes or pipes to add force to a desired object. In most mechanics the fluid is compressed using a hydraulic pump to send force towards a lift, or a backhoe bucket. Depending on the liter displacement of fluid, you can move objects that weigh tons with ease. Here at Bryan Hose, you can purchase the right hydraulic hoses you need in bulk or single order, we can guarantee you will receive the right hose at the right price.

Stripwound and Corrugated Hoses

For whatever project you may be doing, be it undersea material transfer, cool gases, or hot gases, Corrugated hoses can withstand nearly anything you throw at it. These hoses can withstand high pressures or temperatures such as outer space and such, and it can provide maximum corrosion resistance and leak tightness. Stripwound hoses on the other hand, have extremely high mechanical strength (tear resistance, tensile strength).


Thermo-duct is a ducting hose that is reinforced with helical wire. It has great chemical and moisture resistance as well as ozone and weathering resistance. The difference between this hose and other ducting hoses, the wire that gives the hose its support is encased in at least 30 millimeters of elastomer, where as other competitors stretch the elastomer over the wire which can cause susceptible thin spots. This hose can be used for air transfer and ducting, venting systems, fume control, exhausting gases, dust collection, and light abrasion transfer. It works optimally anywhere from -60F all the way up to 300F.


We here at Bryan Hose sell mostly all products ranging anywhere from gaskets to hoses, and we only offer the top quality products for your needs. Stop by at our shop to browse our selection of supplies!

4 thoughts on “Different Types of Hoses”

  1. I’m fascinated that hydraulics can be used to give so much leverage through a simple hose. A friend of mine works in the construction industry driving a tractor. I remember when he explained how the thing worked, it blew my mind. I’ll have to share a copy of this post with him.

  2. My dad wanted me to get online and find a tough hose that he could use for some projects he has coming up, and I’m amazed to see how many kinds there are to choose from. I honestly had no idea that there were so many, and its hard for me to know what to look for. I’ll have to show him this and see what he one he wants to go with.

  3. Thanks for the information on different types of industrial hoses. I think I’m in need of some hydraulic hoses as I need to “add force” to the liquids I”ll be moving. How do I know which nozzle I need at the end?

  4. This is a great informational post about the different kinds of hoses. I really like that you gave examples of how the different hoses can be used. Your suggestion that there is no “best hose” is really smart. Due to the many different kinds and functions of hoses, this seems like a great rule. Thanks for the info.

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