Importance of Compression Testing

Metallic & Semi-Metallic Gaskets

There are various different ways to determine the functionality of a gasket, but compression testing is one of the most common ways to see how heavy a load a gasket can take. Here are just a few reasons to consider compression testing prior to application.

Compression Test Before Production Guarantees Performance

There are many design options that can help you to ensure the level of performance that you want in your gasket project, but the best way is to actually test a sample. Putting a gasket through a compression test will let you know how effective the design is and if it will work for your application.

Compression Testing Can Save You Money and Time in the Long Run

Taking the time to compression test a sample gasket saves yourself time, money and frustration in the long run. As one can imagine, it can be expensive to create an entire run of gaskets and then realize they simply don’t work. While taking the time to compression test can take a bit more time at the beginning of the process, it can save you the time it will take in redesign and re-manufacturing if your sample doesn’t meet your standards.

Compression Testing is an Easy Test

Placing a gasket in the hot compression test cycle will determine how much compression a gasket can take, which means that a gasket is exposed to not only pressure, but increasing heat — sometimes over 600 degrees — over time. The results of the this test are evaluated to determine at what level the gasket will fail, giving you the best information on your gasket.


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