How to Choose Your Hydraulic Fitting

How to Choose Your Hydraulic Fitting

Hydraulic fittings can connect a variety of materials, including tubes, pipes or hoses to components such as pumps, valves or cylinders. When combining these components, you create a leak free system that hydraulic fluid allows for safe transmission. There’s a multitude of fitting configurations and variations to choose from. So, designers have the ability to change the direction of flow, split flows and alter the elevation of lines. Therefore, we have put together some information on how to choose your hydraulic fitting.

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Metal Properties: Carbon Steel

metal properties of carbon steel

Steel is one of the most crucial construction metals in the world. This may be common knowledge, but many do not understand the difference between carbon steel and other types of steel. Like any other specific type of steel, the carbon version of this metal contains specific properties unique to itself. In addition, it boasts both unique advantages when compared to other types of steel. We will discuss the metal properties of carbon steel.

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