Gaskets for Construction Applications: Insulation, Heat & Noise Reduction Gaskets

gaskets for construction applications

Here at Bryan Hose & Gasket, we provide builders and architects with gaskets for construction applications that are designed to seal, insulate and reduce sound and thermal transmission.

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The Purpose of O-Rings

The purpose of O-Rings

An O-Ring is a mechanical gasket in the shape of doughnut-shaped ring. O-Rings are ideal for placement in a groove and compression during assembly between two or more parts. It is a loop of elastomer with a round cross-section which creates a seal at the interface. They are one of the most common seals in machine design today.

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Importance of Compression Testing

Importance of Compression Testing: Metallic & Semi-Metallic Gaskets

There are various different ways to determine the functionality of a gasket. However, compression testing is one of the most common ways to see how heavy a load a gasket can take. Therefore, we have put together a few reasons for the importance of compression testing prior to application.

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Metallic, Semi-Metallic and Non-Metallic Gaskets


A gasket’s function is to interpose a semi-plastic material between the flange facings, the material which, through deformation under load seals the minute surface irregularities to prevent leakage of the fluid. Generally, gaskets can be divided into three main categories: Non-metallic gaskets, Semi-metallic gaskets and Metallic gaskets.

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Selecting the Appropriate Gasket Material


The majority of manufacturing sectors, including the automotive, aerospace, electronics, appliance and military industries, utilize gaskets in their production methods. Made of deformable material, a gasket is a sealing device usually designed in the form of a ring or sheet. They create a pressure-tight seam between multiple stationary components, relying on a compression seal to prevent unwanted gas or liquid emissions. Often times, these seals are intended to be resistant to pressure, temperature fluctuations and in some instances, electrical or electromagnetic forces. A gasket uses compression, so it is generally more malleable than the components it joins and is able to conform to the shape of the harder surfaces between which it is placed.

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Metallic and Semi-Metallic Gaskets

Metallic & Semi-Metallic Gaskets

Metallic and semi-metallic gaskets include gaskets of the spiral wound, camprofile, metal jacketed and corrugated semi-metallic types. These gasket types are usually used in very demanding conditions, which require the gasket to withstand high pressures or temperatures, or exposure to chemicals.

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Milling Machine Safety


Milling machines are widely used in fabrication plants, using rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece, it can become quite a dangerous tool if not used correctly. In this article we at Bryan Hose are going to cover with you the importance of safety while using milling machines, because without safe practice there should be no practice.’

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