Milling Machine Safety


Milling machines are widely used in fabrication plants, using rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece, it can become quite a dangerous tool if not used correctly. In this article we at Bryan Hose are going to cover with you the importance of safety while using milling machines, because without safe practice there should be no practice.’

 Proper Attire

An apron is recommended for use in the shop both to help keep your clothing clean as well as for safety. An apron presents less openings and loose cloth than other types of clothing. No rings, wrist watches, bracelets, or any type of jewelry or clothing that might swing or hang in an unsafe manner should be worn.

Milling Machine Safety

On a milling machine the cutter is out in the open. This creates a situation were your hands can come in contact with the cutter quite easily. Always turn the machine spindle off when clearing away chips or taking a measurement on the part. Stop the spindle completely before you load or unload a workpiece. When making adjustments to the work-head remove the cutting tool from the spindle. Never loosen all of the clamping bolts on the tool head at one time. There should be enough friction on the tool head to keep it from swinging on its own. If the clamping bolts are loosened completely, the weight of the tool head could cause the head to flip. This can cause serious injury to the operator.

Chip Removal

When cleaning the milling machine; do not use compressed air. Compressed air will blow chips back into your face and eyes. Compressed air can also blow fine chips past the wipers on the ways of the machine. Fine chips between mating surfaces of machine will ruin the accuracy of the machine. Do not use your hands to remove chips. Do not allow the chips to pile up. When they pile up, it is hard to resist the urge to remove them. When that urge is satisfied incorrectly, you may be hurt. After stopping the spindle, use a stout brush or chip scraper to clear the chips away.

Following these practices will ensure the safety of you and your co-workers, for more information on our machine operations and pipe / gasket services we offer, feel free to contact us through the button listed below!

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