Types Of Gaskets

types of gaskets

The gasket material you select must be capable of sealing mating surfaces, resistant to the medium you are sealing, and able to withstand the application temperatures and pressures. Therefore, we will discuss the types of gaskets to help you determine which is right for you.

Types of Gaskets

Gaskets come in the following categories:

  • soft cut
  • semi-metallic
  • metallic

The physical properties and performance of a gasket will vary extensively. This will depend on the type of gasket you select and the materials from which it consists of. Physical properties are necessary factors when considering gasket design. The following are the primary factors to consider with gasket type selection:

  • Temperature of the media you are containing
  • Pressure of the media you are containing
  • Corrosive nature of the application
  • Criticality of the application

Soft Cut Gasket

Sheet materials are common in low to medium pressure services. With careful selection these gaskets are not only suitable for general service but also for extreme chemical services and temperatures.

Types of soft cut gaskets include the following:

  • Non-asbestos Fiber Sheets
  • PTFE
  • Insulating Gaskets
  • Flexible Graphite Gasket

Composite Gasket

These composite gaskets consist of both metallic and non-metallic materials. The metal provides the strength and the resilience of the gasket, while the non-metallic component provides the conformable sealing material. These gaskets are suitable for low and high pressure and temperature applications. In addition, a wide range of materials are available.

Types of composite gaskets include the following:

  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • Kammprofile Gaskets (covered serrated metal core)
  • Metal Jacketed Gaskets
  • Metal Reinforced Gaskets

Metallic Gaskets

You can fabricate these gaskets in a variety of shapes and sizes. Also, they are recommended for use in high pressure/temperature applications. Except for weld ring gaskets, high loads are required to seat metallic gaskets. This is because they rely on the deformation or coining of the material into the flange surfaces.

Types of metallic gaskets include the following:

  • Ring Type Joints
  • Lens Rings
  • Weld Rings
  • Solid Metal Gaskets


These are basics about the different types of gaskets. For more information or to purchase your gaskets, contact us here at Bryan Hose & Gasket with the link below!

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